GOP Lawmaker Introduces Resolution To Remove Jerry Nadler As Judiciary Chairman


Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) introduced a resolution on Tuesday to strip House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) of his chairmanship due to his “rogue witch-hunt” to impeach President Donald Trump.

“In recent days, Democrats have sanctimoniously declared their allegiance to the rule of law,” Gooden said in a statement. “I encourage them to follow those rules and hold Chairman Nadler accountable for breaking them.”

“By law, he may not launch impeachment proceedings until the full House votes for him to do so. This attempted coup against a duly elected, sitting president is unprecedented and must be stopped,” he continued. “I urge the Majority to move immediately to have him stripped of his chairmanship and that any accomplices on the Judiciary Committee not be considered as a replacement.”

The proposed resolution would not only remove Nadler as the Committee’s chair, but it would also recognize the illegality of the impeachment proceedings that he has overseen, according to a press release from Gooden’s office.

“The Judiciary Committee must receive authorization to begin impeachment proceedings, yet the full House denied him this authorization in July by overwhelmingly rejecting House Resolution 498,” the press release read. “Despite this, Chairman Nadler has said publicly he is ‘impeaching the president — right now,’ and has clearly initiated the impeachment process, in direct violation of the law.”

Accordingly, the Democrat-led Committee voted along party lines to broaden the impeachment probe and lay out the groundwork for a subsequent investigation. The move is a major step towards formalizing what would be a sweeping probe into the president.

Top House Republicans have been vocal critics of Nadler’s aggressive pursuit of impeachment proceedings. GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) slammed Nadler and his Democratic caucus earlier in the month for shirking their constitutional responsibilities in order to do so.

“On impeachment, what we’re seeing — and they’re speaking very publicly about this on the record to many of you — that their first effort at impeachment seems not to have worked,” Cheney told reporters at the time. “So, now they’re looking for another path to impeachment.”

“They have been determined to impeach this president at all costs since he was elected, regardless of the Constitution” she continued. “They are fundamentally failing to abide by and live up to their constitutional responsibilities, turning impeachment into an absolute political endeavor.”

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, has also railed against the Democrats on numerous occasions for continuing an impeachment push in order to score political points.

“They don’t seem to get it. They’re so deranged. They’re so focused on getting this president that they have lost all track,” Collins said only days earlier, before adding that impeachment proceedings are just “a giant fishing expedition.”

“Anything that they can do to get a headline,” Collins said on a separate occasion. “The chairman has turned this into a press release committee — all they want to do is have cameras show up and press show up and they’ll throw anything they can at the president to try and tear him down.”

Neither Collins’ office nor Cheney’s office responded to The Daily Wire when asked if they support Gooden’s resolution to remove Nadler as Judiciary Chairman.