Recent Reports Show Good News For Trump Re-Election Campaign

The media has spent the last week reporting on a whistleblower complaint against a conversation President Donald Trump had with a foreign leader. We don’t know the exact details of the complaint, but reports have centered around a call with the president of Ukraine.

Despite this focus on allegedly terrible news for Trump’s presidency, the Republican National Committee highlighted multiple news stories favoring Trump’s re-election that flew under the radar.

CNN sent a reporter to “Democratic strongholds” in Minnesota and learned that more and more residents have found themselves aligning with Trump. “Folks here say they didn’t leave the Democratic Party,” CNN’s Martin Savidge reported, “the party left them.” Much of the reason Trump has earned their trust is his support for mining.

Trump’s re-election campaign also appears hopeful for their chances in New Mexico. Campaign Manager Brad Parscale tweeted last Tuesday that more than 45,000 people registered for the president’s rally in New Mexico, 94% of whom were from the state. He also revealed that 48% of the attendees were women, and 40% were Latino.

The campaign is actively seeking to court New Mexico in 2020. Trump lost the state by 8 points to Hillary Clinton in 2016, yet campaign officials and some political analysts believes it’s in play for 2020. Rhiannon Samuel, director of the nonpartisan group Viante New Mexico, told a local news outlet last week that she would argue New Mexico is in play for Trump, adding that it “has been known to be a bellwether state.”

The RNC raised more than $23 million in August, The Daily Wire’s Molly Prince reported Saturday. They currently has 6.5 times as much cash-on-hand than the Democratic National Committee. The RNC has said it can use its additional cash to expand Trump’s re-election bid to states like Minnesota, New Mexico, and others.

The problem for Democrats, outside of reduced resources, is the implication that they have lost touch with the American people, just as CNN reported from Minnesota. McClatchy reported last week that swing-district Democrats are alienating large swaths of the population:

But like many Democratic candidates in competitive down-ballot races, [Democrat candidate Sri Preston] Kulkarni’s relatively moderate message and agenda are at times wildly at odds from some of his party’s leading contenders for the White House ⁠— particularly progressives Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

It’s a disconnect some Democratic operatives worry will harm the party’s chances as they seek to maintain their House majority and take control of the Senate.

Another Democratic strategist told the outlet that the eventual nominee would need “a crash course” in how to “frame their message alongside what’s happening at the presidential ticket.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who exited the Democratic primary last week, warned other candidates: “I talked to a lot of folks, including a lot of labor union members, who really don’t feel the Democratic Party has their back right now.”

All this is working against the Democrats, all while Bloomberg reported that the economy is not only growing, but surpassing expectations.